Artist Spotlight: ErinKelli Kilbane

A painter and a poet got paired as roommates in August 2008. One loved the color pink and the other kept everything gray until they both realized how much they both loved glitter, and each other. The rest is history. If college wasn’t inspiring enough, I was lucky to be paired up with my opposite and my much needed partner in crime. Creating words and watercolors together for four years, I’m excited to feature ErinKelli Kilbane this week, artist, teacher, painter, muralist, fellow glitter & fuzzy animal video enthusiast.


ErinKelli is from Staten Island, New York, where you can spot her murals on garage doors, walls, and her local studio, HUB 17. As founder of Wall Recall Murals, Erinkelli was inspired by her study abroad trip to Italy to evoke large scale art and bold images. Transforming average, public spaces with art adds artistic value to a space which would otherwise be perceived as uninspired blank space. The creation of murals inspires communities.

Wall Recall Murals is a small business that manufactures quality customized wall transformations. Our team of designers and artist collaborate to establish personalized murals ranging from advertisements to photorealism. Our mission is to create large-scale murals to restore artistic value and reform private and public spaces within communities.

ErinKelli currently enjoys creating a fun atmosphere at Wine & Design, where she works as a Senior Artist. Attending a paint night type event brings your friends, family, and parties together. ErinKelli shakes up the traditional expectation of an artistic event. By incorporating different elements such as wine glasses, the creativity is endless!

Come enjoy a fun night out with friends & family! Bring your favorite bottle of wine & snacks and get ready to paint your night away! You’ll be taught step-by-step from one of our local artists and will leave with your own masterpiece! Great for girls’ night out, private parties, corporate events, wedding/engagement showers, birthday celebrations, kids events & parties, & any other special occasion!

Recently accepted into the NYC Teacher’s Fellows Program, ErinKelli plans on teaching the foundation of our future. Pursuing a position as an Art Instructor to children, she hopes to inspire the next generation into following their bliss and living a life of creative balance.


With any free time, work becomes play with elaborate artwork at Hub 17 in Staten Island. This amazing art display and performance event was an absolutely joy to attend. We got decked out in our most elaborate mermaid costumes and celebrated an evening of creative minds.


A mural on Wave St. created by Erin — Photo: Adam Smith


Photo: Valentino Scaramella

Fostering an artistic talent in a world where the value on artwork is limited, ErinKelli is paving the way for future NYC artists to nurture the innate need to create. Challenges in turn become opportunities to grow as individuals, and inspire others to find themselves in a canvas.

To see more of ErinKelli Kilbane’s artwork and follow what she is creating next, follow her on Instagram through this link.

Check out her awesome website through this link!

To purchase merchandise featuring original artwork by ErinKelli follow this link to Society6.


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