The Start

People always tell you to start somewhere. Well, I suppose this counts as the starting point.

The truth is, I’m not sure where to start. It’s like every time one thing makes sense there’s ten more things that are uncertain and gray. That’s the point right, we need to create what our life looks like. I know I’m ready for a new start, that’s for sure. After climbing uphill the entire last year, slipping down the other side of a very long, draining journey would leave anyone feel like they can’t exactly slow down. There’s something beautifully symbolic in the idea of a new year. There’s an extra kick of motivation begging for a plan to unfold on this fresh number we’ll mark on things like checks, cards, and letters. Time creates a unique way to organize that begs for goals and landmarks. Not every day has to be perfect, but every day needs to have a purpose.



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