Make The Change

Making small changes every day can make a bigger difference than you think. Everyone collectively agreed the last calendar year was like stepping into hot tar, but guess what? This year will be exactly the same if you don’t actively do something about it.

First, quit what makes you unhappy and focus on what does. If you can attribute negative energy in your life to a person or place. You may have a toxic friend or a job that makes you wish you could pay someone to not be there (and what’s the point in that) cut it out. That’s right, just get rid of it already.

List on lists on lists. Make a list of what stresses you and a list of what you aspire to accomplish. Start slow. You’ll be surprised how simple some things may be once you just read them out loud.

In 2017 I’m making a point to do little things:

-Setting my alarm clock 30 minutes earlier. It’s amazing how much more relaxing the morning is when you don’t have to spring out of bed. I use the extra time to wake up slower, check on emails, snuggle with my pups. My end goal here is to get up a whole hour earlier to work out but, baby steps here.

pureromancebodydew-Using a post shower body oil. You’ll get a whole blog dedicated to this one, but I’m in love with Pure Romance products. Since becoming an independent consultant, I’ve made a point to use this Love Story Body Dew every day. It smells amazing literally all day and lets be real here, when you smell good, you feel good.

-Drinking hot water with lemon and eating breakfast. Energy, boosted metabolism, food, come on, no brainer here. I found myself in a slump of “coffee before everything” and wanted to mix it up so I wasn’t so dependent on the caffeine first thing in the morning.


-Writing down daily goals. I can’t emphasize enough how much of a difference just writing down your goals, dreams or plans for the day are. By writing them down, you are holding yourself accountable for what you are going to accomplish. Whether you need to run a few errands or tackle an entire project, knowing exactly what steps you need to take and outlining a plan will leave you feeling more prepared for what comes next.

My plan for this blog is going to be a lifestyle and writing haven. While I embark on completing the first publication of my book of poetry while swimming in the sea of freelance writing, blogging, and marketing opportunities, my goal is to collect the journey to inspire others and self motivate. I welcome you along for the ride and hope you find some pieces of insight to take along your journey.

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