Face Paint

I love make up. I love to try it, wear it, use it, look at it. In fact, I’ve always loved make up. I tried my luck with black lipstick in 4th grade and got cornered by the librarian who then called my mother. Hey, I was trying to be edgy. I filled bins with wet ‘n wild and crafted a makeshift vanity from my childhood desk when I became a teenager. I covered an entire wall with cut outs from magazines of my favorite looks and trends.

So naturally, I dove into the world of being a make up artist. It’s incredibly fun when there’s no pressure but I have yet to throw myself into a timed job. Until then, I can collect all the pretty make up and arrange it all for my grown up vanity to display. Then, I can tell you all about my favorite goodies from swag bags and samplers, expos and stores.

As of today, this is what I  keep in my rhinestone covered make up bag:


Primer: Lauren Geller Hydrating Primer

I got this primer for Christmas and absolutely love it. I have extra extra dry skin in the winter so the fact that it’s hydrating makes any make up after that go on completely smooth.

Foundation: NARS All Day Luminous Foundation

My favorite foundation to date. Lightweight, even coverage, and I’ve never had any skin issues unless I don’t take it off at night but that happens maybe the one night a year I think I can power through a 1.5ml bottle of wine on an empty stomach.

Finishing Powder: Make Up Forever Pro Finish Multi Use Powder Foundation

Concealer: Make Up Forever Ultra HD Concealer

These two just go hand in hand. The coverage unreal and really lasts all day. And makes me look like I actually have some color and don’t turn into a ghost with the flash.

Finishing Touches:

mascaralinerMascara: SmashBox X Rated Mascara

I got this in a swag bag from a CEW event as a sample and loved it. This happened right after I ditched the hyped up Better Than Sex mascara which was a terrible combo with contacts.

Eyeliner: Kat Von D Tattoo Liner

I never thought I could achieve such a beautiful wing to my liner than the day I came across this amazing eyeliner magic. BONUS: You can sleep in this and still wake up with it on perfectly.


My phenomenal sister in law got me this beauty for Christmas and I actually gasped I got so excited. The pigments are absolutely phenomenal and the colors are unique and blend beautifully. The olive green Mildew and bronzey gold Smog are a match made in palette heaven.

I could go on forever on all the products I’m currently in love with but that would end up being an awful longggg post. Now that you have the basics stay tuned for my next make up Monday favorites!

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