Many Hats

When I was younger, I told someone I wanted to try out as many jobs as I could, just so I knew what the experience was like. While I’ve always known I wanted to be a writer, I never wanted that to be a limiting factor in an opportunity to learn or grow. I’ve also always needed money, so yeah, there’s that too.

It started in retail as a Freshman in College: Hollister Co. at the Westchester Mall. If you think turning your love of shopping into a viable career choice, you may want to rethink it. I had a brief stint as an Usher at SUNY Purchase’s Performing Arts Center where the only major task was to read a seat number and shine a flashlight in the right direction. I think it was after the tenth rendition of The Nutcracker around Christmas that finally made me crack. I had the opportunity to intern at Westchester Magazine where I was published for the first time and a small poetry publishing company where I learned the ropes of marketing. Unpaid and totally worth it.

Restaurants have been my favorite and least favorite jobs. I love food. No, I LOVE food. Talking about food, serving food, FREE FOOD. All while running around like a lunatic holding plates of pasta primavera and chucking pizza like frisbees at college students (I worked at a pizzeria and an upscale Italian restaurant at the same time just to keep things interesting).


Circa 2013 at Husky Pizza. Check out that DIY Ombre!

Door to door sales. Yup. That happened. There’s something special about downing a 5 hour energy and walking for 8 hours knocking on the doors without knowing what is going to be on the other side. I met a lot of interesting people. A lot. It was a great work out and I got a pretty interesting tan. What I’m most thankful for from the experience is the ability to talk to literally anyone. Once you have a door open and realize if you don’t say something clever it’s going to be an incredibly awkward situation, any other confrontation feels pretty simple.


Living in Connecticut, I tried my hand at insurance. Jokes. If you want to make decent money being painfully bored and getting yelled at by people (daily, rude, yelling) about something completely out of your control, by all means, this is a great job! It’s great to know all the nitty gritty about what really makes insurance, why it costs so much, and how you can make sure it actually covers you. But boredom, and so much yelling.

Now to the fun stuff! Writing! I leveraged my blogging into a full time position doing marketing at a beauty company. This was by far the funnest job but also the most disappointing in the long run. Always be careful of smaller companies, you never know what skeletons hide in someone’s closet.

Out of all these crazy, ridiculous, and fun choices, what sticks with me most is the people. Every situation was molded into something positive because of the way people made a long shift exciting, formed a friendship that’s lasted years, or offered advice that propelled me on my adventure to find the perfect career. Every opportunity is what you make of it. Mastering retail, customer service, direct sales, the ins and outs of insurance, or beauty marketing, every experience built upon each other to create the ultimate vision of how I wanted my goals and dreams to unfold.

My current office: Loveeeeeeee


Freelance writing, blogging, and a Pure Romance Consultant on the side (you’ll hear more of that wild adventure in another blog) I get to spend time with my fur babies while feeding my creative beast within. In comes this blog, and all the fantastic material that will pour into it this year. Stay tuned!

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